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An eCommerce industry today has proven its stability and resiliency during this pandemic. Even during strict lockdown & quarantine protocols that were implemented across the world, still it managed to showcase growth whereas addressing essential needs of the consumers, Go Now to check it.

Amazon marketplace is the most thriving marketplaces amidst pandemic. The health crisis worldwide has accelerated the consumers’ shift towards the digital transactions, which includes shopping online.

Amazon purchases have increased during this pandemic, attracting various traditional businesses & entrepreneurs to check out reselling on Amazon site.

You are probably reading the post and thinking why people will buy products that are sold for higher price. They can go to any online store and buy same thing for less instead of paying huge amount? Answer lies in the simple economics.

Products do not cost same everywhere.

A pen you are buying for just $2 in A city may cost $5 in B city. The slow-moving products or common in particular area will be in huge demand in a different area. Sellers will use it to their benefit to turn profit.

Offers You Convenience

Consumers are keen to pay for the convenience. Certain e-commerce giants such as Amazon have actually redefined their shopping experience for a lot of people all over the world. When any customer buys the online product, they are keen to pay more to avoid any hassle of visiting to the online store or standing in the long lines. With features like Prime, customers do not have to wait for the purchases either!

Additional tips & strategies while doing arbitrage:

  • Stay patient. Going in the retail stores & scanning for items will become quite exhausting. It becomes very frustrating when you are not finding profitable products. Keep going! Slowly, you can find products to earn you money over Amazon.
  • Begin small to start using this process. Before you go all-in & spending plenty of money on the products for reselling over Amazon, begin with the small quantity so that you will get the better knowledge of sourcing, shipping, listing, costing, and much more.
  • Rates will change in instant if a seller “tanks price.” It means the product that you buy might not be much profitable. For this reason, you have to check the price history too.
  • Base your purchasing decisions on data you see over Amazon seller app & Jungle Scout Extension. Besides you do not want to purchase something that you cannot sell.