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Concentrate vape carts are quite popular. With some good reasons, they’re affordable, easily available, and there are many varieties and types as dry herb used for making them. We have options to use concentrate cart pen so we want to give you a little rundown over how the carts work, or what differentiates it from the dab pens and the dry-herb vaporizers. Let us take a close look at what is in vape pen, why you must give them one try or things to look out for when getting vape pens and carts.

How do Cart Vape Pens Work?

The cartridge (dab cart) is a top part of any vape pen, which is the chamber that has cannabis oil and mouthpiece that you will use to inhale. Its bottom part is called battery. Both parts screw together (called 510 thread).

Many batteries have got button to press and activate your cartridge. It heats up oil & creates vapor that you will inhale.

Some batteries are activated just by inhaling. The “auto-draw” pen batteries sense air pulled by inhale & turn on for concentrate to heat up.

vape pens for sale Cartridge pens are simple to use

Simplified design of cartridge vape pen needs no studying and learning curve – the consumers can just pick up device and try out. All needed is the fully-charged pen battery and cartridge of the choice. Most of the vape pens are made with simple functionality, with some more settings to cycle it through. Advanced vape pens generally have various temperature settings that can be chosen by clicking battery’s button 3 times. Every vape pen differs a bit in the methods, although, so make sure you consult device owner’s manual, which came with vape pen before taking it.

The cartridges make using these vape pens very easy, as heating element is contained within its cartridge itself. This means there’re not any heating coils within the actual device that need maintenance and carry risk of any malfunction after the long-term use. Also, device does not need any extra pieces–only attach this cartridge and it gets ready to go.

Vape pens make it simple for the consumers to switch their strains in some seconds. This screw-on design lets consumers to fast switch to next concentrate in short time.

Final Words

Cannabis concentrates provide an effective and an option for users looking for fast symptom relief & vape pen technology actually makes this experience quite appealing.