Things To Know Before Taking A Personal Loan

Personal loans are taken for completing additional financial needs like renovating a home, pursuing education, getting a wedding, and many more. It would be best if you considered some things before taking a personal loan, which is mentioned below.

  1. In some instances, the cost of borrowing may be greater than expected.

The five years fixed rate on a mortgage, which has been hovering around 4% or below for a long time now, is often mentioned in the media while discussing interest rates. However, the interest rate on a personal loan is most likely to be twice as high. The underlying cause of the discrepancy is a promise that you will give up your house if you cannot repay the loan if you refinance or take out a credit line against your home’s equity. Compared to a personal loan, this is a higher risk for you and a lower risk for the bank. Banks reward low-interest rates on secured loans as a result.

In the absence of collateral, only an individual’s creditworthiness is considered. If your credit is mediocre or bad, you may anticipate interest rates to rise rapidly, reaching as high as over 36 percent APR.

Things To Know Before Taking A Personal Loan

There is no long-term answer to a personal loan.

  1. There is no long-term answer to a personal loan

In contrast to long-term loans, personal loans often have periods of 7 years or less. Since you should always borrow money for a more extended period than you need, this might be a positive development. As a result, if you’re planning on borrowing a large sum of money, such as for a significant home renovation, you may have difficulty keeping up with the monthly repayments that come with a personal loan.

  1. In addition to banks, there are other options

Credit unions, non-profit organizations, frequently provide cheaper interest rates and fees on personal loans than banks. SoFi and Prosper are two examples of new “marketplace lenders” that offer fast online loan approvals and low rates, particularly to borrowers with excellent credit scores. Even though this new sector has had its share of difficulties, it is still worth exploring.

  1. When you need money fast, a personal loan might be a godsend

A leaking roof, an unexpected medical cost, or a funeral are all examples of situations when individuals turn to credit cards and payday lenders for aid. Because you don’t have the time to go down to apply for a home equity credit line or look into refinancing your mortgage, these lenders might be prohibitively pricey.