wedding rings is a multi-award-winning jewellery brand known for its quality handmade diamond rings, an engagement ring in singapore, as well as other gold jewellery that celebrates love. E- Clarity, established in 2005 by reputable jeweller Amanda Koo, winner of the Young Business Awards in 2013, provides weekly Gemological Diamonds Webcasts. Their sister brand, BA.SG, which specializes in lab-grown diamonds, is among Southeastern Asia’s quickest-developing online diamond dealers of verified lab-grown precious stones. E- with BA.SG jointly possess over 20,000 GIA-verified genuine diamond plus 5,000 IGI lab-grown precious gems with live viable alternatives. Its recently launched application, this same Sampling Lines, provides the town’s premier jewellery renting subscription model, taking the lead in empowering environmental protection inside the jewellery business.

The Company Establishments, Their Name, and Fame

wedding rings

It was the decade 2000. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the National University in Singapore and aspires to start her own business. Wah Chan Consolidation Corp Ltd was formed by herself. Her name was selected for moral reasons and was a combination of her great grandfather, WAH, and grandmother’s, CHAN. Amanda worked for a bank as well as a telecommunication business for the following four years to build business resources and technical freedom, while the Asia company remained inactive. Amanda worked very hard to realize her ambition of running her shows within her own business. She relocated to New York City in 2004, when her ambition started.

The First Shop and the First Website

The very first shop opened at Shaw Center in late 2005, featuring three platters of material Japanese wedding rings. Its (perhaps) earliest digital jewellery was started only with 20 monthly visitors. selling. Amanda’s thoughtless ambition of selling jewellery online was derided by the elder ages. However, the Bachelors of Computer Science graduate hung around. With the modest origins of E-Clarity, nevertheless, the market of silver rings, engagement rings, or wedding accessories in Singapore will never be the same again.