Instagram has become one of the most popular ways to share photos with your friends and family, as well as keep up with what your favorite celebrities and influencers are up to. But it’s also home to lots of private accounts, too  including many of your friends and family members who may prefer not to have their photos shared publicly without their permission but you want to view private instagram without human verification.

Where to Search For An Instagram Profile

To find someone’s private profile on Instagram, you’ll need their username. That being said, there is no easy way of finding someone’s profile with only a few of their photos tagged. It’s very unlikely that anyone would have the foresight to tag every photo they post with the user name of their private account. It’s also possible that they may not want people looking for them on social media, so it could be worth taking a look at their blog or website first. If you still can’t find them, you might try asking people in your network if they know how to contact the person in question or posting on Facebook and Twitter asking for help.

private instagram viewerDownload The Apps

Instagram is a pretty popular photo and video sharing platform, so, naturally, people are going to want to view the profile of someone they find interesting. There are a few different apps you can use to do this, but some require human verification while others don’t.

-The first app you’ll want to download is called ‘Followers Monitor’. It doesn’t require any type of human verification and is completely free.

Input The Username

Next, go to the Find Friends tab on Instagram and input the username of the person you want to view. Then, click on Search and select the desired user from the list that appears. Next, click on Send Request and wait for an invitation from them. After they accept your request, you will be able to view their account without human verification.

Select A Profile That Matches

Select the profile you would like to view on private Instagram without human verification. You can use your Facebook or email account. Enter your phone number and verify it with a code that will be sent to you via text message. Lastly, create a password for your profile and then click on view profile. You will now have full access to the person’s account. Note: If there is no longer any access due to someone changing their passwords or removing themselves from Instagram, this guide is useless.