Producing Money Online – How to Survive Your First Online Disappointment and Even now Thrive

It happens all of the time. You think you have found the perfect internet business opportunity and you immediately join up, with visions of finally making money online. The damage of losing cash from your pocket, or even maybe not getting paid the money you got could be devastating. What’s happening here is a loss of confidence and also of cash. I am going to share a few tips about ways to survive this kind of internet scam.

Surviving any online scam that cost you cash may hamper your ability to perform business online or offline in the future. We all survive and live through our skills to exchange. In doing our tasks, we exchange time for money. Online, we exchange our time and experience for cash. If you are going to keep on making money online, you truly don’t have any option but to survive a scam that’s dedicated on you. Let’s see how it’s completed.

To begin with, my story. This was approximately 2002. He had a number of popular goods, and I discovered that with little effort, I managed to earn around $400.00 in affiliate commission fast. However, 12 bet for his commission quickly turned from gleeful anticipation to jarring disappointment. He was not paying. Pretty soon I discovered that he’d ‘locked shop’ and vanished with the commissions owed to me and most of his other affiliates. Obviously I was disappointed is an understatement.

Here’s the very best tip to survive an internet scam like this. Don’t trust individuals without a proven history, to handle your money for you. Whether an affiliate operator or investor, folks can go bad quickly. Actually they were crooks all along, you just did not know it at the moment. Rather than relying on affiliate programs managers I don’t know, I now work with recognized companies with a solid foundation, such as ClickBank LinkShare, and Commission junction.

Another lesson you can remove from an internet scam, and be courageous enough to make money online, is to find out the lesson quickly and proceed. I can honestly state that I have forgiven this guy and I am so over it. But I am no longer crippled with this. I’m a better marketer and a better person in all this.

Limit your exposure by just not coping with someone without recourse.

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