Polymer Surfacing – Making MUGA Safer For Sports People

For any sport facility, whether in school, sports club, local authority or private clubs, complying with the safety specifications is essential. Meeting the requirements of both, sports individuals and authorities of sports facilities, MUGA needs installation of particular sports surfaces which meet the diverse make of the ground.

The authorities of sports facilities have to meet up with a number of sporting requirements, keeping in mind the financial position and space restraints which often don’t allow for meeting the individual sporting needs. Thus, they build a facility that supports several sport activities where a sports-person is able to get involved in a number of sports for example football, tennis, basketball, hockey and more. Such facilities, known as Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), meet the expectations of athletes and sports folks.

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On account of its potential, MUGA is frequently found at numerous sports facilities. It makes a lot more sense to have a field which offers multiple playing areas in a single field as opposed to having a different field for every sport as it reduces the expenses of building and maintaining that many fields.

Apart from the equipment, the standard necessity for every sports facility, is the safety standards which must be adhered to by the playgrounds. MUGA is produced as per the Sports England guidelines, the authorities also have to see to it that it meets the performance and durability demands of players. Whether a school ground, sports club, local authority or even in any other, you’ve to leave a safer playground while keeping up with the requirements and specifications.

The industry is flooded with a number of MUGA surfacing including Polymer, wherein, etc., Macadam, Synthetic, deciding on the best surfacing is the confusing and important most decision you will have to make. Just before selecting, you’ve to take into account a couple of things like wear and tear, its endurance and the safety issues. Polymeric surfacing is suitable for netball pitches, tennis courts, basketball pitches, five-a-side football pitches, and athletics such as long jump run ups, pitch and putt golf and crazy golf courses.

The polymeric surfacing is the most preferred one for MUGAs, because of its slip resistant feature along with the cushioned underfoot feel. Most regularly used in netball courts, tennis courts, basketball, and much more. The most often used polymeric surfacing are type 3 MUGA and type 4 MUGA, both are constructed using different specifications that provide diverse level of playing characteristics.

Type 3 MUGA polymeric surfacing comprises an SBR base course shockpad, measuring 9mm in depth, that is later sprayed with an EPDM wearing course that comes with binder and anti slip properties, in order to comply with the slip resistance standards of TRRL 75. This specification is mainly used for netball but is applied to various other sports fields like combat tracks, triple jumps and long jump run ups, etc. It’s due to the anti-slip features of the EPDM spray coating which meets the Sports England standards.

Type 4 MUGA polymeric surfacing, on the other hand, comprises EPDM wearing course blended with a polyurethane resin binder that’s 12 15mm in depth. This surface is for the most part used for sports like football and basketball, the reason is – its anti slip resistance meets TRRL 55 standards. Type four MUGA surface has essentially the most commonly used spray coat that’s used for most MUGAs and specifically golf pathways.

When you choose a polymeric surface for your MUGA, ensure you contact a company that’s been accredited by Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

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