What Is 3D Printing & How Does It Work?

3D Printing technology is an exciting new way of producing things that are 3 dimensional from a digital file.

This is done by a special process called Additive Manufacturing. It is nothing but a process of creating horizontal layer over layers of the material of which the object is made.

There are various steps to this process:

1. Create a blue print of the object: The first step in this process is to create a blue print or a CAD file of the object you wish to create.

a. You can do so by using a 3D modeling software or a 3 D Scanner.

b. You can also visit websites to see which other objects have already been modeled by others.

If you are a beginner you can easily start with Tinkercard. It is free and can be used along with Google Chrome. Google Chrome supports WebGL. They even guide a beginner on how they can use the 3D Printer. They also have an in-built option to print the object through different 3D printing devices.

2. Slicing Process: Once the design work is over, you can go for printing. But before that you need to prepare the 3D Model. This is called a Slicing Process. In this process the 3D model is divided into hundreds or thousands of horizontal slices. It is done by using a software. You may also use a specific slicing tool or application for a specific 3D printer.

3. Set it to the Printer: Depending on the type of 3 D printer you have, you will need to use either a USB or SD or a Wi-Fi to feed the slices to the printer.

4. Printing: Now the object gets printed layer by layer as a 3D. Each slice is read as a 2D by the 3 D Printer and it finally creates a 3 D image.

It is not far away that soon real objects could be made into 3D models. One day even smart phones will have a 3D scanner installed in it.

3 D Printers

There are many 3D printers available which you can use to do your 3D Printing. You can also visit the internet to know which could be the best 3 D printer for you. However, we have a comparison of a few of the top 3D Printers on 3DPRINTINGSUPREMACY.COM.

Mostly people go for 3D Printers that have Taulman filament for 3 D printing.

The latest filament in this category is the Taulman 3D’s Bridge Nylon Filament for 3D Printing (3D Universe). It is called a Bridge as it bridges their previous properties of nylon.

Nylon is cost effective comparing to other filaments. This new one sticks very well to a glass surface and is very strong as well. So it is very easy to print with it now comparing to the earlier models of Taulman. It is also light weight and so if you are looking at an object that is light in weight, you can surely try this nylon filament.

With some of the most sophisticated printing technology and printers available for 3 D printing, this industry is rising pretty quickly best 3d printer. Many objects can be now made by this type of technology not only just toys, equipments or things but even human parts.

This is definitely an amazing way of creating objects with ease and in less time.